Hello, we are The Feed Creative. We feed the imagination. 

We are a public relations and creative house for the food and drink's industry. When it comes to building brands people love, we believe in planting the seed with care, nurturing it and helping it grow.

Who are we

We are a community of creatives and storytellers, with a crazy love for food and drink.

Built from a team of PR experts, photographers, videographers, cooks, bakers and bartenders that are super passionate about their craft, while being respectful of their environment.  When we are not in our test kitchen developing kickass recipes, or on a set for a shoot, we are talking to the media and our online community through visual and authentic stories.

Through our strategic thinking and planning, we build integrated plans and content that are relevant to the savvy and smart consumers of today. It's not just about the message and stories that captures people's imaginations, it's about creating conversations using the right channels.

What we do

Public Relations

The core of our company is public relations. Our media savvy team of PR talent have both local and global expertise. 


We offer creative services such as photography, and videography.  We create original content that communicates a story that resonates with consumers.


We offer culinary services from our very own test kitchen. From mouth watering recipes that inspire consumers, or a bespoke recipe for a product launch, our team of chefs and food stylists can help.

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Pop-ups & Workshops

We love sharing our culinary delights and knowledge through pop-ups and workshops. Keep an eye out for us at markets and unique spaces. 


We give back to the community. The Feed Initiatives is a series of charitable projects with the crazy aim to 'feed the entire world'. 

What are our values

We believe in craft.

We believe in respecting mother nature, and the wonderful things it offers.

We believe in sharing and telling stories that captures people’s imagination.

Lastly, we believe in planting the seed with care, nurturing it and helping it grow.